What Was Albert Einstein IQ?

Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the most intelligent men to have braced the world’s existence.

After all, he changed the way that humans perceived things and laid the foundation of one of the two pillars of modern physics by coming up with the theory of relativity.

There is no one in the world who would not know Einstein’s name and the first word that comes to their mind when they think of his name is: you guessed it, intelligence.

However, despite Einstein having been extraordinarily smart, you may have read about various children scattered among the states that are claimed to have a higher IQ than him.

How can this be true? Have kids gotten super smart or was Einstein not actually as smart as we may think? Read on as we solve this fascinating puzzle. 

What Is IQ?

Let’s take a step back and try to understand what exactly IQ (short for intelligence quotient) is.

We all know that the higher somebody’s IQ is, that means the smarter they must be and the lower their IQ is, chances are they might not be so bright. So we know that IQ is a measure of intelligence, but how exactly does it work?

It is calculated through various standardized tests that an individual will take and then the total score calculated through all the individual scores will be the score assigned as that individual’s IQ.

Due to the tests being standardized, it seems like quite a sure way to assess whether somebody is smarter than the other, right? Well, there’s a little more to it.

IQ Tests At The Time Of Albert Einstein

Here’s the kicker, when Albert Einstein was alive, all the way back in the early 1900s, IQ testing had only just begun and therefore was in its very preliminary stages.

So when you ask Google how much his IQ was and it gives you a number, it’s not actually a verified number. This is where it gets interesting because the number associated with Albert Einstein’s IQ is in reality an estimated one.

The number itself is 160, but the test used to calculate it called WAIS-IV actually only has the maximum number that anyone can get like 160, which speaks a lot in itself about the man’s intelligence level.

So if you ever read an article or see a news headline assigning a number to Einstein’s IQ, the next thing you should do is ascertain the credibility of that assigned number due to the uncertain nature of this estimation. 

Estimation Of Albert Einstein IQ

As the number of Einstein’s IQ is estimated, it is important to understand how this number was reached upon. Due to a large number of his accomplishments, we can unequivocally say that the man was highly intelligent.

Not only did Einstein give way to an entire branch of modern physics, but he also constructed a thought experiment when he was only a teenager that helped him to come up with the most famous equation associated with him; E=mc^2.

This thought experiment consisted of him imagining and visualizing himself running towards a light beam and the fact that he did this when he was a teenager points scientists towards the idea of a high IQ level as it is not commonly done. 

Moreover, physical evidence includes that of a part of the brain that analyzes three-dimensional visualization that was relatively larger in Einstein’s brain than others.

That, along with the fact that scientists estimate individuals who choose to build a career in subjects like physics with high IQ levels.

So we can say if he had taken the standardized tests of modern science, we would be able to reach the correct high number of his IQ.

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