How to Be a Quick Thinker

People with quick thinking ability truly possess a great quality. They can take decisions faster and work quicker. As a result, they’re able to save a lot of time. However, have you ever faced an awkward moment where you were asked to give your opinion on something instantly? We know a myriad of people who have faced such an experience in life. But, how to be a quick thinker?

People fear getting judged for lack of quicker response the most. That’s why it’s embarrassing to them. Well, if you think quick thinking is only possible if you’re genetically gifted, then you’re absolutely wrong. With years of practice, you can master this skill and get better at thinking; even better than the ones who are born with this quality. So, if you want to learn this soft skill, follow the guideline below on how to be a quick thinker. 

Table on Contents

  1. Who are quick thinkers?
  2. What are the Factors that Impact My Brain’s Performance? 
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • Lifestyles
  1. How to be a Quick Thinker?
  • Stop Overthinking
  • Maintain Your Brain’s Fitness
  • Keep Refreshing and Recalling
  • Observe Every Little Details

Who are Quick Thinkers?

Quick Thinkers are people who have the skill to make rational decisions including problem-solving tasks in a limited period of time. They are charismatic in responding the right information even in difficult situations. You’ll see these people excelling in social and professional lives, hooking everyone with their art of quick response. They can process any information better and faster than the rest of the people in the room. It’s the reason why they stand out so much in communication. Quick thinkers are usually good at handling different kinds of relationships be that academic or personal. The quick decisions can improve their daily life bit by bit and keep them ahead from others.

What are the Factors that Impact My Brain’s Performance? 

You should consider some factors before you get to know how to be a quick thinker. Several indicators determine if your brain has the capacity to think quickly or not. You should be aware of these indicators to know about your position. Only then you can understand which steps to follow to become a quick thinker.


As we grow older, we use our brain more. As a result, the brain shrinks down into a smaller size and memories keep getting wiped out. It is due to make room for the new information. That’s why, it takes time for the old people to make up their mind faster. The younger you are, it gets easier for you to think faster.


Hormonal imbalance can sometimes lead to serious problem to brain performance. In this case, sex hormones such as testosterone, androgen, progesterone and estrogen with stress hormone level creates the fuss in functioning the brain. So, you might need to check your hormone levels if you have doubt that it takes time for you to process information.


The healthier lifestyle you follow, the more functional your brain becomes. If you eat healthy food regularly, have proper sleep, active in community, then you’re likely in a good health condition. Your mental peace will help you to think quicker with a minimum practice. However, refrain from unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption or smoking because they’ll destroy the memory cells gradually.

how to be a quick thinker

How to be a Quick Thinker?

Stop Overthinking

Remember, when someone asked you an instant question and you became skeptical about the answer? Then, as someone else answered the question and you thought damn! You were right in the first place! This is overthinking. One of the most common hindrances to become a quick thinker. When you’re taking time to rummage alternative answers, that’s what slows you down. So, you must always follow your instinct. The more confident you become with your instincts, you’ll see how faster you can give explanations for it too!

Maintain Your Brain’s Fitness

We’ve already discussed how your brain becomes slow in functioning while you age. To keep your brain healthy like your muscles, you must exercise your brain regularly. Of course, we’re not saying to use any workout machine (pun intended). You train your brain by watching movies, reading books, having a hobby, etc. This way, your brain will start functioning well and start storing more information. These exercises will help you to solve problems quickly and also respond accordingly.

Keep Refreshing and Recalling

Once you’ve learned about something you must recall it frequently. This way every time your brain refreshes your memory, the information gets deeply stuck into your brain. As a result, you’ll be able to think and answer faster if anyone askes you a question regarding the matter.

Observe Every Little Details

When you’re outside working or enjoying a nice evening with friends, start observing everything happening around you. Try to look at things from a different perspective. Be the guy with active participation, even though your ideas are not concrete. Try to solve the problems around you in your head. In that way, you’ll gain a lot of insights. This will help you brainstorm easily and become a quick thinker.


Thinking quickly is a significant skill for people of all ages. The more you can master this skill, the more life will get easier. In this article, we tried to provide you with all the tactics on how to be a quick thinker. Try to practice these tips in your daily life. We hope you’ll be able to increase your brain’s performance. Besides, keep yourself free from all types of stress and anxiety. Eat healthy food and refrain from any type of bad habit. When your heart and mind both are happy, your brain will automatically develop its capacity. You’ll become a quick thinker in no time!

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