Why are Asians so Smart?

It’s often speculated why are Asians so smart than many of the students who are from English-speaking countries originally. In fact, we see that Asian kids perform a lot better academically. There are different speculations as to why Asians and Asian-Americans perform better than Americans.  

Now, if we take a look at the intelligence gap between people of different cultures, we’ll see that the blacks lag behind in many educational institutions. In fact, there are some white extremists who claim that blacks lag behind not because they are bullied but they are too lazy to work their way up. 

Although this statement sounds as if someone said it completely out of spite, you’ll realize that there’s a grain of truth in it if you look closely. The Asians perform better than even the American whites who live in America, especially when it comes to education. 

Now, there can be two reasons why Asians perform better than the Americans in terms of study, which is the prime reason behind everyone thinking that they’re super smart. 

Why are Asians so smart? Well, it can be either because they have a Confucian education system that motivates them to study harder and grows a competitive mentality in them. Then again, another reason can be that they’re genetically smarter than us. 

Which one of these is more plausible? What do you think?

Why are Asians so Smart?

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Recently, it has been found that the Asians who are immigrating to the US are highly educated, and they’re more educated than an average American. Most of these immigrants are researchers, engineers, doctors, or scientists who are landing on American soil in search of a better and more luxurious life. 

This is why it comes as no surprise that the children of these highly educated individuals will also be great at academics, as they will be highly motivated by their parents. However, it’s also seen that the middle class and lower-middle-class Asians are also improving at a staggering rate, especially if you compare them to the Americans. 

Why are Asians so smart? How are they developing so fast? Are they more talented than Americans naturally? Tons of assessments have taken place on this matter over the years, and one of the best and most accurate results are shown by the Book about Intelligence by professor Nisbett. 

This research took two groups of kids into account, one of which was full of Asians living in America, and the other was full of Americans. It was seen that both of these groups had an average IQ score. However, later on, more percentage of the Asians got into high-status jobs than the Americans. The percentage was precisely 55% for Asians and 33.33% for Americans. 

In fact, it was also seen that to get an upper-middle-class job as a manager, the Asians needed an IQ score of only 93, while the Americans needed an IQ score of 100. 

This helps us to understand that Asians aren’t born smarter than us. Rather, in many cases, American kids score a higher score in IQ tests than Asian kids. What allows the Asian kids to truly prosper is that they work way too hard. 

This is where we can completely eliminate the second speculation that Asians are born smarter than Americans. In fact, no race or group of people is born smarter than others. What changes us and shapes us is our culture. 

If you want to know why Asians are so smart, you need to take a look at their culture. Unlike American culture, which is by far one of the most casual and non-restrictive cultures of this world, Asian cultures are very strict. If you take a look at the Chinese and Japanese cultures, it will be evident. 

They are brought up in a strict society where every move of the children is regulated, and they are always corrected should they make any mistake. Then again, their Confucian education system helps them a lot. 

Due to their education system, they can improve their crystallized memory to a great extent. Then again, due to their strict social rules, they need to stay alert all the time. This social system helps them analyze different situations properly and helps them make the right decisions at the right time. Overall, this condition they live in itself increases its liquid intelligence. This is why these kids grow up to have a higher analytical skill than the average American, which is also why they do great at different job sectors. 

There are two more major things that set the Asians apart from the Americans. One of the major reasons is that they are very hardworking. Even if they know that something is nearly impossible for them to achieve, they will end up bagging it through hard work. 

You’ll understand this if you look at the best Universities. While most American students are sponsored by their parents, there are lots of Asians who go there on huge scholarships, and they attain these through their willpower and hard work. Life is definitely tougher for them, and they have a mentality of overcoming the obstacles they face. This becomes a habit of theirs, and thus they refuse to give up or slack off even for instance. If their mind gets fixated on a certain thing, they try their best to attain that, and this mentality is absent in most American’s mind. 


As you can see, Asians aren’t smarter than Americans from their birth. In fact, they start with the same average IQ score as an American. What truly sets them apart is their life full of hardship and dedication. Through their dedication and their strong will, they achieve their desired positions in life, which is why they seem smarter than Americans. Why are Asians so smart? Now you know!

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