Why Can’t I Focus

These days almost everyone has the same question – Why can’t I focus? People blame modern technology. Starting the days with a lot of notification pop ups, our mind drifts away from work to entertaining websites quickly. Almost all of us experience losing attention for a longer period of time. The hoard of to-list seems challenging but we tend to fall behind the daily race anyway.

Gradually, it forms into anxiety, panic attacks, resulting into severe depression. The opposite is also true. Anxiety can lead to procrastination in a significant amount that can impact our daily lives. Well, apart from depression and anxiety, there are several other reasons why it’s hard for some people to concentrate.

To help people struggling from concentrating problems, we’ve tried to provide every possible reason why they can’t focus anymore. Once you get to identify your problem, it’ll be a lot easier to regain your focus.

Table of Contents

  1. What does Focus Mean? 
  2. What are the Symptoms that Show Lack of Concentration?
  3. Why Can’t I Focus?
  • Multitasking
  • Working Too Hard
  • Social Media Effect
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Boredom
  1. What Psychological Health Conditions Lose Attention Span?
  • Adult ADHD
  • Emotional Shock 
  • Severe Depression and Anxiety

What does Focus Mean?

According to research, focus is categorized to two types of activities, tuning out the countless stimuli. One is providing maximum attention to a previously determined task. For instance, making a to-do-list to study a book for the entire day. When you perform this type of task with attention, it’s called the “top down” focus. However, if you perform tasks subconsciously such as scrolling down your Instagram feed for a while, moving on to YouTube to get entertainment, this type of focus is known as “Bottom-Up”. Mostly, we address “Bottom-Up” as distractions in our daily life. 

What are the Symptoms that Show Lack of Concentration?

Before figuring out the reasons why you can’t focus, you must know what the symptoms are at first. Without identifying if you really lack concentration or not, it will be unwise to go for treatment. So, to see if you lose focus easily, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can I keep up with my to-do-lists?
  2. Am I procrastinating too much these days?
  3. Am I constantly making careless mistakes in my tasks?
  4. Am I taking too much time to complete a task?
  5. Is it hard to make difficult decisions these days?
  6. I know what exactly I need to do. Can I get it done?
  7. My objectives are clear. Can I figure out ways to get there?
  8. Do I feel I lack physical or mental energy to focus?

If your mind says No to all of these questions, then you’re probably struggling to focus. You’ll feel it by observing how quickly your mind drifts away from any task. It’s a real problem and you need definite answers why you’re losing focus. Keep reading as we’ll discuss the reasons why you may lose focus.

why can't I focus

Why Can’t I Focus?


Multitasking may seem effective. You might think that you can cross off several tasks together from the to-do-list at the same time. It’s possible to get things done but you cannot expect quality work. However, when you’re multitasking, your brain might get slow while you’re switching tasks. This may cause to lose focus very easily.

Working Too Hard

If you are extremely hard working at your work who almost never takes a leave, you’re likely to lose focus. Our brain cells cannot work 24/7. Excessive amount of work can make your nervous system weak and you might lose your attention. It’s necessary to take a break from your work. Go out on a vacation every once in a while, and enjoy the life. Let your brains get some rest. This way you can restore your thinking ability and focus on your job more.

Social Media Effect

As new technology advances, we cannot think a single day without internet, smart phones, laptops, and all the other technology associated. From waking up in the morning till going to bed at night, our eyes are glued to that little screen always. If you’re a social media addict, it’s likely that you lose focus in your tasks very quickly. It happens because of the pool of data we access everyday through devices. Our brain can’t process them simultaneously. As a result, it scans the information instead of actively reading.

Lack of Exercise

When you’re sitting all day and not having any physical movement, your brain gets idle. Exercise s a way to keep your body functioning in every aspect. It not only develops your body but also fights different mental diseases. So, if you’re someone who hates physical exercise, there’s a high chance you’ll suffer from focusing on your tasks. 


A difficult task is always annoying to complete. You’ll find yourself procrastinating mostly because the problem you’re working on is hard to solve. It bores you badly which drifts your mind in no time. So, try making those hard tasks easy by dividing them into chunks. Try new ways to make them interesting. Or else, it’ll be really hard to focus.

What Psychological Health Conditions Lose Attention Span?

Adult ADHD

Having Adult ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can seriously impact on your attention level. These patients usually suffer from lack of focus. For example, you might notice that you have a deadline today but you didn’t bother to work on your task. Your mind drifted away and you discover yourself sorting out the bookshelf.

Emotional Shock

If a very shocking event had taken place in your life which haunts you at least once a day, you might suffer from emotional or psychological shock. These upsetting events may bother you so much that it becomes hard for you to concentrate.

Severe Depression and Anxiety

Taking too much stress can lead to anxiety. Eventually, it may turn out as depression and take away your focus. If you’re suffering from any type of depression, make sure you get rid of it. At the end, mental health matters the most for concentrating in any task you work on.

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